St. Peter's Graveyard Eco management

Management of St. Peter’s Graveyard 

The St. Peter’s Church Graveyard (old & new areas) is currently undergoing changes in the way it is managed (i.e. grass cutting and grounds maintenance). This is to help with the costs, but also and particularly, to help encourage the natural wildlife/ ecology (plants and animals) of the area. The approach being developed is part of a wider plan for the eco-management of the lands in the Parish and of the three present-day graveyards in Carrigrohane Parish Union (St Peter’s Church; St Senan’s, Inniscarra and Church of the Resurrection, Blarney). This work has already this year included the planting of over 450 young native species trees in St Peter’s Field, adjoining the New Graveyard here. In the future, further mixed tree/shrub and wildflower planting will be taking place around the Field and in these graveyards.

The re-organisation of the way St Peter’s graveyard is maintained in future will involve some degree of experimentation in the best way of doing things. This will include, necessarily, both changes in the frequency and the heights of cutting the grass around the graves and elsewhere within the graveyard.  

We apologise if the graveyard looks a bit dishevelled over the next few years! Be assured, the main accesses (gateways and paths) and the more recent grave plots will be attended to most. Other areas will be mostly left to grow on naturally and cut less frequently. Respect for those buried in the graveyard will continue to be of prime importance in the development of this future management. If you wish for more information, or to speak to someone about these plans and Graveyard maintenance, then please contact Carrigrohane Parish Union Office, Ballincollig (021 4877260).