Youth Ministries

In Carrigrohane Union we have lots of activities for young people

Key Dates

Glow MAX Dates
Easter Trip 12-15th April, Faith Mission Centre, Bandon

7:30-9:30 At TCC
Friday 26th May
Friday 16th June

Key Dates

Sunday PM 5:30-7:30pm at TCC

Sunday 2nd April
Sunday 7th May
Sunday 14th May
Sunday 11th June

CUP Cork Youth

Spaces for young people to come together and explore questions about faith and life

You don’t have to be part of our church (or any church) to come along!

All are welcome

Glow MAX

One Friday Evening per month during time – 7.30-9.30pm at The Carraig Centre

Sunday PM

Two Sunday evenings a month during Term time

The Carraig Centre 5.30 -7:30pm

Safe Guarding Trust

Carrigrohane Union of Parishes has a

robust child safeguarding policy.