The Lighthouse at Home Sunday 28th September 2020

Story: The Parable of the Good Samaritan (Luke 10:25-37)

Activity instructions

You will need: paper or card (white and/or coloured), magazines, scissors, glue stick (or PVA and brushes) some pens and pencils, crayons of felt tips

Here’s a video…

Activity 1: Make a video of you and your family acting out the story. Gather together all the props you can find around your house and have fun and be creative as you make your video. Perhaps you could share it with family and friends using email, what’s app or your preferred method for sharing.

Activity 2: Make a word picture of all the ways we can help people and the people that help us. This picture may also contain drawings or pictures cut from magazines. You might like to do this digitally instead. Have a brainstorming session as a family thinking about these questions, ‘What are the things we do to help people? Who are the people that help us?’ and then create your picture. You could all do individual pictures on an A4 sheet or stick some A4 pages together and make a bigger family picture. As you work you might like to think about what ways you could be extra helpful at this time and/or how you might thank the people who help you.

Activity 3: Make something to give to someone who is lonely and needs to know they are being thought about and cheered up. It might be a card, a gift of some sort, a cake, write a letter… it could be anything you know the person would like and appreciate. While you are busy being creative you might like to talk about the people you know or to think about the things you do together that are special.

Activity 4: A picture to show who our neighbour is. Cut out a heart shape on paper or card. Stick some A4 pages together to make the heart as big as you like. Print out a map of the world (the sample uses one from or you could draw it freehand. You could also colour your map. Cut lots of pictures of people out from magazines. You could also draw some people you know or add some photos to your picture. Print out or write out Luke 10:27* (you can find it at and read it in several translations and see which you like the best)  Take your heart and stick the map onto it and them stick the Bible verse and pictures of people all around the map and you might also put some on the map. As you work talk about how our neighbours are not just the people who live close by us but all the people we meet or come in contact with. In this story Jesus told us to treat each person we meet with kindness and to help them in the way they need help.

*The version I used was from The New Living Translation: The man answered, ‘You must love the Lord your God with all your heart, all your soul, all your strength, and all your mind. And love your neighbour as yourself.’ Luke 10:27

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