Stuff to Do! – week 1

Stuff to Do! – week 1

As the days go by there are lots of different places to get information about things to do – and lots of companies giving stuff away to keep us occupied. In this update we look at a few things which might be helpful to keep adults and kids entertained

Close to home – Parishioners are doing a few things:

April Gunn in Lighthouse & Blarney toddlers is updating our Lighthouse Messy Church facebook page with activities and videos she has found to be of use – check out –

There’s also great free resources here for kids bible stories

This week sees the National Theatre in the UK uploading a free play each week – check out –

Libraries Ireland has lots of resources – you can even join online – check out

We’ll be broadcasting at 11am on Sunday at

For a great list of things that others have found – check out

Community Noticeboard

Community Noticeboard


On this page you’ll find latest news about all sorts of things from various organisations 

 Last update 11th December 

Cork Street pastors 


Back on Patrol


Cork Street Pastors, a volunteer initiative to address wellbeing and safety on the streets of our cities and towns, has been back on patrol. With the pubs and nightclubs closed because of the lockdown, Cork’s Fitzgerald Park is a new destination on Saturday afternoons –a caring initiative to be a listening ear and available to offer help if requested.


Our parks have become vital outlets during the pandemic, especially for young people to meet up on Saturday afternoons. Here they leave behind the stresses of school, and for many, the strains of life at home. They want space from adults and simply to chill out with their peers. So it wasn’t surprising when they saw the uniforms of the Street Pastors, the young people made a run for it!  But over the following weeks the defences dropped and the Street Pastors once again found themselves being a listening ear.


For many years the work of the Street Pastors on Saturday nights has been widely recognised by publicans, vulnerable adults, worried parents and is highly valued by Cork Gardai.


Coming from many different churches in Cork, for each Street Pastor it is a way to put their faith in action and are looking forward this Christmas to be back on patrol alternating their Saturday work between nights in the city centre and afternoons in the park. And of course Covid 19 measures are always practised. Anyone interested in becoming a Street Pastor can make contact through their Facebook page.


For more information please contact the Cork Street Pastors coordinator:                

David Hoey: Mobile 086 2324484    




All services cancelled

All services cancelled

Dear Parishioners 
Following Bishop Paul’s Pastoral letter this morning which we commend to your reading –  available here
We have taken the unprecedented step of cancelling all services in all of our buildings with immediate effect due to the Corona Virus. This is until further notice.

This includes the St. Patrick’s day service in Blarney.  
An Online morning prayer will be available on youtube and facebook on St. Patricks day live from Robert’s Study at 11am – check out for links

Please be assured of our prayers at this very difficult and confusing time. As a Staff team we are looking into ways to support parishioners practically. As you will know from last weeks update we are experimenting with web broadcasting – over the next few weeks we’ll keep you updated. 

If we as clergy can be of support please do let us know. 
More updates will follow 

Ian & Robert 

St. Patrick’s Day – Broadcast Service.

St. Patrick’s Day – Broadcast Service.

We regrettably have to cancel our St. Patrick’s day Service in Blarney Church. However at 11am there’ll be a broadcast service at 11am on Facebook and Youtube from our Asssociate Minister’s study – A simple Morning Prayer service. All are welcome.

The staff team will be discussing the future services later this week.

Our live streaming can be found on or youtube Channel – which can be found here: