Bishop of Cork Pastoral Care Fund

Bishop of Cork Pastoral Care Fund

At the start of Lent, following a year’s preparatory work, with the support of the Diocesan Council, the Bishop launched the first ever charity operated directly, and under his direct control and that of the Diocesan Trustees, on our behalf as a Diocese, to fulfil the third mark of the Five Marks of Missions: ‘to respond to human need with loving service.’

The letter below is self-explanatory and, in launching the appeal, the Bishop has recognised that it may seem a strange time to launch a charity, but also that it is a time when the role such a charity can play into the future is also obvious.  Naturally it is also fully understood that some people will be in a position to help at this time, and others may not be, but every little helps and I commend this appeal to you.

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Robert Ferris


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Day 9 – What am I scared of?

Day 9 – What am I scared of?

This is one of those questions which has many layers … on the surface, there are things that as human beings its grand to be fearful of … because things might harm us – things like

  • Lions
  • Giant spiders

But then there are other things which actually prevent us from getting on with things we’d otherwise be good at or that would be good for us.

The HSE website has some really helpful tips on this area

To them I’d add … taking time out with God, and as with other questions in this series … its good to write a note about things you want to deal with and maybe take time to deal with them at some point.

This is part of a series for Lent – available here –

Day 8 – What do I lack?

Day 8 – What do I lack?

This to me is a very thought provoking question…

Deep within us there seems to be a yearning for more … things and stuff … or wanting what others seem to have.

Marketers have seen the psychology of this and used it to their benefit to sell us stuff we don’t need.

When it comes to deeper stuff there is a yearning for relationship.

Some people have described this as the ‘God-shaped hole’ in every person

in the 23rd Psalm we read

The Lord is my shepherd I shall not (be in) want

Psalm 23:1

This is easy to say when times are good – but when times are tough – are we ok with saying actually – he is all I need?

That certainly is challenging but having met many people across the world who can testify to this – It is something which I believe. With the Lord as our shepherd – the one we depend upon -through good and ill – we will lack nothing

P.S. this is not prosperity gospel – he’s not saying – relationship with God = riches – not at all nor will everything be rosy all the time but that as a shepherd he will provide enough for our needs.

PPS its also not a sit back and do nothing licence … we’re called to act in partnership with God.

Day 7 – How is your relationship with God at the moment?

Day 7 – How is your relationship with God at the moment?

For some this might be a very easy question to answer – it’s great, its strong, all going well

For others it might be the answer many give to the Relationship Status update on facebook ‘its complicated’

For others it might be … well honestly I just don’t know

There are many ways to describe our relationship with God … At a youth event many years ago used the image below … from people standing watching, to actively participating, to being ready to jump in .

We do need to think about these things – God does want a relationship with us – a strong relationship. 2 way communication!

Remember the story Jesus told of the ‘prodigal son’