There are many barriers when it comes to doing anything

  • Fear ( what happens if it goes wrong?)
  • Experience  (it didn’t go too well the last time!)
  • Understanding (I don’t know how….)
  • Self critique ( who am I … theres others better suited)
  • Peer pressure ( what will ‘they’ think)
  • Culture / Societial norms

All of these things are genuine … and they are barriers – Barriers can be good they can protect us from obvious danger but they can hold us back from things that might otherwise be good.

At the top of a cliff-face a barrier is a good thing but given the right safety precautions (ie a rope, harness and qualified instructor) you safely go through the barrier and trust that they know what they are doing and face the fear of absailing.

We’re not talking about crazy stuff we talking about testing and seeing and trusting and letting go & Letting God