Alpha Course – Online – starting soon!

The new roadmap for COVID-19 recovery in Ireland has been released, and while it does give us some sense of where we are going with the autumn upon us, for many challenges remain.  Schools are back with all the hopes and worries that entails for so many. How are you coping with all the stresses and strains of the uncertain times? Maybe now is a good time as the evenings draw in to see if you can make sense of things with us in a safe place using the Alpha Course?

We offer a place of trust and respect for differing views, a place of conversation about the big questions of life, a place to explore the role of faith and find hope through it all. The Alpha course ( has been run millions of times throughout the world, including here in Ireland, and millions have found it a great starting point to find some answers to those big questions. How much more is it needed now! While Alpha suggests a framework based on the Christian perspective, any and all opinions are welcome!

We will  be hosting an on-line version using Zoom for those who prefer to stay isolated due to the prevailing COVID challenges. This has proved very successful and fulfilling for those who have already tried it.

A typical evening starts with a welcome to all, followed by a 25-30 minute video exploring in dynamic, globally orientated fashion the basics of Christian faith, and then we break into small groups on-line for discussion of any issues that arise from the video or anything else that is relevant to you in these times we live in.

The course is free, starts Thursday October 8th at 7.30 PM and is open to adults of all faiths and none. Further info and book a place from Theresa at 087 221 2551 or or The Carraig Centre 021 487 7260. Please register Below).

A link will be sent to you for the Zoom sessions.

Lighthouse Messy Church May

Lighthouse Messy Church May

Welcome to our very first online video based messy church – we’re using this as an experiment – do send some photos of crafts etc to us via – also you can comment on our facebook page – www.facebook.come/messyinblarney

Activities for Lighthouse at Home Sunday 17th May

Theme: God’s peace and presence with us always.

Resources needed for today’s activities

Paper, pencils, scissors, glue stick or other form of glue, markers and/or crayons

Your photo album or photos on phone/laptop/tablet

Activity 1: God is always with me

Draw around you hand on a piece of paper and cut it out. Starting with the thumb write one word on each finger:                    God     is    always       with     me

This is to remind us, that no matter where we are, or what is happening all around us, God is with us. He never leaves us. And even when we cannot feel his presence with us, he is still there, always and forever.

Activity 2: Peace dove

Draw an outline of a dove on a piece of paper, then have everyone make another handprint like in activity 1 (but don’t write on it) Then stick the handprints onto the dove to give it feathers. Just use a little glue on the wrist part of the handprint so the fingers don’t stick down and the feathers are free.

The disciples were very scared. They were meeting together in a locked room when Jesus came and stood among them and said ‘Peace be with you.’ (see John 20:19). Jesus wants us all to know his peace at this very strange and often stressful time that we are in at the moment.

Activity 3: Peaceful places

Think of places or activities that make you feel peaceful. Draw a picture of them and then spend some time listening to each other tell about your peaceful places/activities.

Sometimes we need to make time and space for ourselves so that we can get away from the stress and anxiety we may feel and allow time to sit, walk, or be, so that we can feel the peace that God wants to give to each one of us.

Activity 4: Photos

Spend some time looking at photos of you and your family and friends and remember happy times together.

The disciples were filled with joy as Jesus stood among them and talked to them. (see John 20:20) I am sure that you are all missing your family and friends at this time and looking at photos can bring us joy as we remember all that we were doing and who we were with as the photo was taken.