A Call to Pray Ireland
Palm Sunday, 5th April 2020 3pm – 4pm

Join us in this island-wide, Church-wide call to prayer this Sunday! We’ll be joining with Christians across the island of Ireland form every background/denomination/tradition to lift our hearts and voices together in prayer for our world, our land, our neighbours and loved ones. In unity and togetherness.

Download the resource here.

We’re encouraged by the unity we’ve seen among the churches, and really among the Church, as we’ve all rallied together for this call to prayer in this time of need.  We want to lift our eyes to Jesus in these times and speak a confident hope not only to our own heart, but to the world around us.  We lift our eyes and remember where our help comes from.  We lift our voices in praise and prayer.  We let our hearts be moved in love and compassion.

Join us! . This is not a movement of one church or agency, but a movement of the Church.  And it requires all of us.