This is a blog for lent in 2021 in a series by Revd Robert Ferris – the others can be found

During my PGCE year – a year where I was teaching in Secondary Schools I ended up for quite a bit of my time in a strange room where people like me student teachers, Classroom assistants etc would hang out quite a bit – this room had a label on the door – Resource Base.

I always thought it strange – it was a catch all term for a room with stuff in it! – There were computuers, Laminators, photocopiers, papercutters and a whole pile of other things that may be useful to staff at some point in time

Today’s lent question is strange – What resources do you have for life?

There’s a whole lot if you sit down and think about it:

  • Relationships – family, friends, church, acquaintances
  • Skills – Formal Education, Soft Skills, qualifications, talents
  • The things you own, The access to information, The citizenship you hold
  • The resources of faith,
  • Our time, talents and treasure
  • the joys of the natural world
  • …. many other things

We have a lot of resources we could make use of in any given situation day, month, year – sitting there ready to be utilized just like me in that resource base in that secondary school – not all the resources have to be used every day but they are there.

In life it strikes me – as a community there is so much potential for good and for transformation – in combining resources and sharing experiences … aw we go through lent this year let’s look at the things we have and see how we can make use of our God given resources.