In Blarney we have a congregation called ‘Messy Church’ – a space for Kids and adults to explore faith through crafts, science, story and experience as well as sharing food together. 

Yes there might be messy goo and paint and other ‘messy things’ but at a deeper level the ‘messy church’ name actually points to the messiness of life – not everything is clean and tidy, messy questions, messy families. Basically its an acknowledgement that not everything is sorted – you can be messy too! 

Which leads me to today’s question – Challenges … we call face challenges / issues at different points in life. 

Maybe it’s to do with work (or lack of it), finance, family, relational, health, grief … there are a myriad of challenges to be faced in life but there are ways through them and overcome or to live with them.

I wonder what are your challenges this week or this year and what you need to do to overcome them? 

In church we don’t gloss over the difficulties but actually, dare to proclaim hope in the midst of despair whatever that might mean for you. This of course is difficult but whatever challenges you face – there is always a flicker, a flame of hope in the midst of the challenge

This blog is part of a series on 40 days 40 questions – more details can be found on written by Revd Robert Ferris