Todays question might seem straight forward but it is important – In the times we’re living in – currently in lockdown and there could be a lot that we’re unhappy about it’s really important to look at the things big or small that we’re happy about.

maybe its the sunrise, maybe its supportive friends, maybe its family or security of a roof over our heads

Taking time to remember those things that make us happy … right now is a good place to start. Yes there may be lots of things about our circumstances that cause us to complain but starting from a positive place or allowing our thoughts to go to that positive place is really important to give us perspective for our circumstances.

We of course cannot be happy 100% of the time – not at all – and we go through different seasons and it’s important to acknowledge that. In the quiet place today – what am I happy about

happy/ˈhapi/ adjective

  1. 1.feeling or showing pleasure or contentment.