This is a really important question … and the answer hopefully is yes!

We’ve got to remember in all situations that there are different perspectives on any situation and maybe we need to see things differently from what we do right now.

Take for example players on a rugby field

There is an individual player he sees things from his/her perspective but then there’s team mates, coach, the referees, and then the crowd – all with their different perspectives

In the situation you find yourself in today – there’s most probably a different way of looking at your situation and maybe looking at it from a different angle might be helpful.

This can be done by asking for help from a counsellor, a trusted friend or it might be simply asking – is there another way to look at the situation from what I’ve been doing?

It seems to me there are other ways of looking at things and having the ability to be open to hearing other views (not necessarily agreeing with them in the end) but being open to them might lead to creative solutions and to see the whole picture or certainly more of the picture .