At the moment with lock down there is so much we could do but can’t – its frustrating, annoying and has the potential of spiralling emotions out of control.

What would you like to do today? … is another strange sort of a question.

At the start of the day – there are various answers to that

What would I like to do – could be a dreamy sort of a question … well actually I’d like to take a walk along a nice beach, I’d like to hug family members who live miles away … that’s what I’d like to do

Those things will happen … someday soon

but what about today? the here and now the next 24 hours …

I would like to … connect with a few people who cross my path, to take time to be in the now, to be thankful for those who are around me, to make that encouraging phonecall

There’s a few things I’d Like to do now …

Living in the present moment is probably a good idea today

In Scripture we’re reminded about not worrying about tomorrow … taking each day in turn is really important