Easter General Vestry 2022

Easter General Vestry 2022

On Wednesday 27th April at 8pm in the Carraig Centre our Annual Meeting will take place in which Revd Robert will give a Report of the past year and look ahead.

Accounts will be presented & Elections will take place

You can find below the documents necessary

Supporting Refugees Practically in Cork

Supporting Refugees Practically in Cork

Together Razem is a group that is currently using the Carraig Centre for Polish Classes every week they are actively involved across cork city & county in the refugee response – They have recently released an appeal for some basic packs for those arriving.  We as a parish are hoping to support their appeal.

The women from Ukraine arrive in Ireland with barely anything – often with just a small purse and documents, one suitcase with the bare essentials, a warm sweater and underwear. But there are no hygiene products or cosmetics because these are just too big and too heavy.

Let’s help the refugee women.

Support them and help purchase hygiene products for them and their children.

In order to support our action we ask you to donate the following products as one individual package, one bag for one woman.

What should a package consist of:

2 x pack of night / long sanitary pads with wings

1 x pack of regular sanitary pads with wings

1 x pack regular panty liners

1 x toothpaste

1 x shower gel (for women, girls or boys)

1 x shampoo

1 x toothbrush (for an adult / child)

1 x antiperspirant

1 x pack of cosmetic pads

1 x face and hand cream

1 x packet of disposable razors

1 x hair comb / brush

Where do I bring it?

You can also bring packs to Church on Sunday Morning or the Carraig Centre during the week

Together-Razem Center, Unit 2A, Kilnap Business Park, Old Mallow Rd, Cork, T23 V9K3 Every Tuesday from 10.00 to 15.00

Who will the products go to?

To every woman who comes to Cork (Cork area) from Ukraine.

One bag for each woman.

Additional information:

We do not collect clothing or used items.

Take your time – please make complete sets, even if it takes a couple of days to gather all of the products.

A warning for Students

A warning for Students

Below you’ll find an article written by Ruth Garvey-Williams which first appeared in the Presbyterian Herald last Autumn (used with her permission) – It contains the story of a Student in Dublin who got involved in a very disturbing and destructive group under the guise of “a Bible study group”.

This group turned out to be linked to a “church” in South Korea – Shincheonji (SCJ)- but as you will read in this article – the behaviour displayed by the group is seen by Head of safeguarding in the Presbyterian Church in Ireland as ‘grooming behaviour’

… having worked in the field of exploitation for a lengthy period, I could clearly see all the hallmarks of deliberate grooming behaviour in this practice, including:

  • gaining the trust of a young person by using someone (even vaguely) known to them in order to get them to meet with a ‘harvester’ for the cult;
  • isolating them from their family and friends, so that they cannot be dissuaded to depart from the cult;
  • fulfilling a need by purporting to be able to help them really understand the Bible properly;
  • being controlling, and insisting on attendance at meetings and events, without choice, thereby maintaining control. There is nothing healthy, in a spiritual sense or otherwise, about such tactics to control another human being

The reason for sharing this article is that as Rector I am aware that this group is active in Cork City at the moment and I wanted to bring light to the subject.

There is help, care & support available.

I also want to assure anyone who is concerned about this that I & our staff team are available to discuss any pastoral concerns.

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