Lent 2022 @ Cupcork.ie

The season of the Church year for pondering, for penitence, growth and for taking stock of where we are. You are invited to journey with us over the next few weeks

  #CUPLENT Daily Questions 

CUP LENT Blog Questions & ponderings

Over the course of Lent 2022 – do take time to ponder these questions – yes they are daily questions but if there are any that stand out for you do take time to think and pray about them. Take time to talk about them. Some of them you might need to journal (taking a note book and writing some thoughts / prayers down about what the Holy Spirit might be saying to you). There’s no magic formula about these – it’s simply some questions which I have found useful over the years.  May you have a holy lent.

As ever if anyone would like to chat – I’m available on email robert@cupcork.ie

Beginning Questions

  1. 1. Ash Wednesday – A day when we recall our mortality and our mission – a. What does that mean to me?
  2. Thursday – What are your resources for the Journey in Life ?
  3. Friday – What prevents you from stepping out in faith?
  4. Saturday – What brings you joy?

Sunday – A New week

  1. Monday – What are you looking forward to this week?
  2. Tuesday – Where are your challenges – this week / this year?
  3. Wednesday – How is your relationship with God at the moment?
  4. Thursday – What are you lacking?
  5. Friday- What are you scared of?
  6. Saturday – What would you like to do today?

Sunday – A New week

11. Monday – How am I feeling today … really?
12. Tuesday – Are there different ways I can look at the world around me?

13. Wednesday – When was the last time I really listened to God/ his Word?

14. Thursday – What do I have plenty of?
15. Friday – What am I really happy about at the moment?
16. Saturday – What do you give thanks for today?

Sunday – A new week

17. Monday – A fresh Start – What am I excited about?
18. Tuesday – Creative day – What creative thing could I do today?

19. Wednesday – What bible passage am I reading today ?
20. Thursday – In what areas am I hopeful today?
21. Friday – What am I looking forward to after lockdown?
22. Saturday – Who am I thankful for in my life?

Sunday – A new week

23. Monday – How’s my relationship with Jesus?
24. Tuesday – When was the last time I took time to stop and ponder creation?

25. Wednesday – Who / what do I need to pray for today?
26. Thursday – How am I feeling today?
27. Friday – Who/What am I grieving at the moment ?
28. Saturday – Whose example of life do I most appreciate?

Sunday – New Week

29. Monday – Bigger Picture week – What would I like to do in the next few years?
30. Tuesday – Bigger Picture week – What do I think God might be calling me to do?
31. Wednesday – BPW – What steps might I need to take to get there ?
32. Thursday – BPW – What conversations or experience might I need to get me from here to there?

33. Friday – What might be preventing me from moving?

34. Saturday – … any plans?

Palm Sunday

35. Monday – Do take a read at the Passage for this week Matthew 26.14 – 27.66 36. Tuesday – What Strikes you about the passage
37. Wednesday – Where have I let God down?
38. Thursday – When did I last recall that I can sit at table with Jesus?

39. Friday – What does this mean? Jesus died for me
40. Satuday – What question has meant the most to me?

Easter Day – He is Risen!

Other Resources we’ve found helpful for Lent 2022



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