It will be wonderful to be back at Church on 16th May –

Sunday Services are now allowed but there are remaining restrictions for everyones health and safety

  • 1 hour maximum services
  • Face coverings need to be worn
  • No congregational singing

– booking in for services in the Carraig Centre is required to ensure adequate seating at services

The Parish office continues to be accessible via email – – you can leave a message on the answer machine 0214877260 which will periodically be checked.

For pastoral & parish queries please contact Reverend Robert Ferris via phone 0851800720 or by email

Sunday Service will be available online live at 11am & 9.30 – links are available

Below is a guide produced by Robert Ferris in consultation with Vestry, Church Wardens and the Sunday AM Leadership team and is in-line with current government and church protocols. Please do take a read at this.

Now that all the regulations have been read and we’re now about to slowly open up the Churches in the Parish there’s a few things which underpins all that is below .

It’s not ‘business as usual’ 

But on the other hand there is much that will be recognizable – we are still able to meet together to worship God, to enjoy him and each other’s company

The last couple of weeks we’ve been meeting as a Vestry, Church Wardens and staff team to ensure that we take all of the necessary precautions.

There are a basic few things which underpin this:

Stay Safe:

This might seem obvious but it is necessary – If you are feeling ill – or have any of the COVID-19 symptoms please do not come out to church!. Similarly if you have been around someone who has had COVID-19 in the past 14 days please do not come to church!

  • If you are in one of the groups which have been cocooning and are feeling uneasy about coming out – please do not feel you NEED to come to church right away – come out at your own speed. Do join us online.
  • We are making provision for families – we’d love to see you! – however we also would request that parents help us to maintain the 2m distancing rules with and between kids.  This is really important for all of our families to feel safe on Sundays.

Protect Each other:

In line with this we are asking people to do a few things:

  • Make sure you keep your distance – 2m where you can. 
  • Please ensure you sanitise /wash hands on the way into church and after going to the toilet – we as clergy will be observing hand hygiene protocols right the way through services.
  • Make use of a face covering if you are aged over 13 in our buildings considering the risks this virus poses to some of those who may be in the building alongside you.
  • If you use the toilets please wipe down surfaces before and after use with the cleaning products supplied.

Capacities of our Buildings:

This is a changing picture – which depends upon government guidelines on distancing, and also maximum capacity caps as well as our ability to adhere to all of the guidelines.

At time of press there’s a 50 people max capacity in the Carraig Centre  at the beginning of September  – please do book a ticket via our website links are found on

In Blarney, Inniscarra and St. Peter’s churches there are smaller capacities – please do come earlier than usual so we can help you find your seats. If we are over-subscribed please do bear with us – we may have to say to you that we are full.

As you come into each of our buildings, you’ll see that there are the 2m markings outside that are familiar – we might have to queue to get in!

There is a hand sanitisation station! – please sanitise your hands well.

We’re also making a list for contact tracing purposes – so if we ask you your name / contact phone number please don’t be surprised. These will be held for 21 days.

When you get to the front of the queue – one of the wardens / service hosts will be pleased to escort you to your seat!

During the service

The service words will be either projected or there will be service sheets already in your pews/seats.

There will be no congregational singing – there may however be music of some kind.

The service will take our usual formats with some differences.

If it is a Communion service you will notice the peace will have to be shared differently and also the presiding minister will let you know how the receiving is to happen.

Holy communion will be in both kinds (wine in small glasses) but if you prefer to simply receive in one kind please do.

For families with kids – we recommend you bring some activities / toys with you for the service. We will provide colouring/puzzle sheets for children in every service – so please bring along your own colours! 

Use of toilets:

This is a particular area of risk!

Please do speak to wardens / service hosts and they will direct you.

If you need the toilet in our churches, please ensure you sanitise your hands going in and coming back out again.

There is a particular cleaning protocol in place for these – please do read the notice and follow the directions in place.

Leaving Church:

Please follow directions of the wardens/service hosts – you will most probably be leaving from a different door than you came in. In the traditional churches this will be through the vestry / kitchen, in the Carraig Centre this will be through the side exits.

Please do not congregate outside the door but rather move right away to allow others to exit.

Face-coverings and the Administration of Communion:

This is one of the areas where there could be issues.

Some may receive the bread in the usual way at a particular point in the service.  Others may wish to maintain their face-covering until they are in their seats away from the presiding minister..

Face Coverings: 

Face Coverings will continue to be mandatory for the next while in church spaces